Saturday, August 22, 2009

BRID EX 2009

Brunei once again hosts the prestigious exhibition and conference on security and defence - the Brunei Darusslam International Defence Exhibition & Conference 2009!

The new BRID Ex building was built recently, facing the South China Sea. Comprises of two main halls with a glass dome at the centre

Some of the amunitions on display.
The exhibition was split into two; static display inside the two main halls, participated by few companies around the globe and air/land show in front of the exhibition halls.

Check out one of the show! I cann't remember the name... its a show from the Singaporean Air Force. Note the pic... do you really think the chopper can flip upside down?? Hehehehehee... the pic is actually rotated 90deg CCWPosted by Picasa


Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan
To all Muslims, happy fasting
Marhaban Ya Ramadhan
Ramadhan is the 9th month in Islamic Calender. In this month, Muslims are required to fast for the whole month. Woo wait! dont get me wrong I ain't said fasting 24-7 for a month. Fasting means prevent/hinder/stop ourself from eating during the day i.e. from sun rise to sun set.
Many reserches, published lately both by muslims and non-muslims which agree to the fact that fasting keep ones healthy.
For the "good" Muslims, fasting month is the month where they increase their efforts in getting closer to The Almighty... such as Tarawih prayer every night, recite the Holy Quran, giving more amids, etc.
Anyway, below picture is called Beduk or Baduk (depending on where you are). People will "drum" it during sunset to indicate the end of fasting day, and time to break fast. IN modern world it is no longer used as what is was once used for... its just a symbol. people look at watches, clocks, radioa, TV or hear azan from masjids.
Pic was taken at Masjid Sepitang Sabah, on my way back to Brunei from Kota Kinabalu.
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Empire Hotel, Jerudong Brunei

The Empire Hotel & Country Club. A member of WorldHotel. Rated with 5-6 starts globally. The most luxurious hotel in Brunei.

Check out the lobby! Mannn.... how many hotels you entered and saw something like this? So far... this is the only one like this... as if everything is gold-plated.

A view from the E-club lounge. Right: Pooollllssss. All sorts of pool; white sandby beach, brown sandy beach, artificial pool, hot water, salty water, fresh water, kids zone, shallow and deep pools.

A view from ground. The top floor is the lobby. Of all my stays, i rated the hotel as 9 of 10. There are still rooms for improvement. BTW the staffs are very friendly, a typical culture/attitude of local Bruneians.Posted by Picasa

The Empire Hotel & Country Club - E-Club

Last month, my family and I took the oppurtinuty of monday Bank holiday to stay at The Empire Hotel and Country Club. It is the most luxurious hotel in Brunei (in fact rated 5-6 starts by global raters).

Stayed at The Empire E-club. A typical set-up of the room. In fact, I like the setup and will stay at the same room again on my next visits. The king-size bed is facing the balcony with a set of sofas in between. Oh ya.. the left... its baby cot and check out the lugagge on the right... mostly for the baby heheh :)

A typical bath-tub for the empire e-club rooms.

I like the set up in the toilet... 2 sinks, a separate WC and shower and on the otherside is the bath-tub. .... and everything is marble.

and free internet too!Posted by Picasa

all in a day's work

Wokring in E&P business... this is a normal view for those staying in oil field (in Brunei its Seria Town).

A Typical set-up for a workover rig

A team comprising of different deciplines going through a log. And the guy at the front is explaining few points to the ladies. A typical setup during discussion.Posted by Picasa

what's for dinner? Ikan goreng

What's for dinner? Tonight I decided to cook a simple but delicious Ikan Goreng (deep-fried fish). First the ingredients: tumerik powder, chili paste, table salt, temarind paste and obviously the fish. Yes... that's all.

Mix all the ingredients above... quantity? As you wish... if you want it to be hot then add more chili paste, salty... add more salt.. too much tamarind paste cause the fish looks black.

Tips on how to look for a fresh fish. BTW the fish above is called Rumahan Laki. First, check the eyes... it must be clear, not white or red. Then the must be blood red. Then the skin/scales... it must be slippery and coevered with fish protien i.e. the slimy thingy. If you have all of these then you definately get a fresh fish unless somene fool you by adding additives.

Clean the fish, remove the internal organs... mix with the ingredients and marinade if you wish... sually i'll just do it straight.

Fry the fish with medium heat to ensure the flesh is cook. When its done, put the fish on napkins or tissue to remove excess oil. Then the fish is ready for dinner. See I told you its very simple and easy.Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 10, 2009

kittens IN previa

3 free-of-charge mechanics working on my Previa.
I saw something reflecting from under my Previa. Looked closer and found 3 little kittens (which by the way not MINE)
The white little mechanic was checking my fog light

I opened the boot and saw another one checking my exhaust manifold. and check on my battery's cover (red plastic)! He knows how to open it.

The little white mechanic checking my belting. Luckly I haven't started my engine. I wonder wheather i end up having a sausage or mince-beef

Another one working deeper into the engine, i guess he's checking the motor's gasket or simply taking a nap!Posted by Picasa

Mummy's birthday

This is the third times she celebrated her birthday. Check out the knife

Happy birthday mummy from Syifa and SyaafiPosted by Picasa

Saturday, July 4, 2009

previa - filled with WRONG fuel

The toyota Previa 2.4 super dlax.
what actually happen on 2nd July 2009...

went to filling station. somehow the station was a bit congested and we were sooo deeeeep into discussion. The attended asked... and i replied: BND10 saja.

She then opened the fuel cap and filled the car. we paid and leave, otw to Escapade (Japanese restaurant to celeb "mummy's birthday"

Approximaletly 5km from the station, the car slows down and losing power and eventually stopped on the roadside

THEN we realise we just filled the car with WONG fuel! The previa drinks Ron98/shell unleaded and we just filled her with DIESEL! ... no wonder why she drunk on roadside.

Called the 24-7 on 2247448 and asked for towing truck. 15mins later the truck arrived. Because its already 830pm and knowing that no workshop open late... asked the towing truck to take the previa home.

In the morning. The same truck arrived and take the previa to AWS in Pandan.
Luckly it didn't take them long to fix. By afternoon on the same day, the car completed and tested OK. They simply blow the diesel out, filled with unleaded and keep the engine runingf or awhile to remove excess. No fuel filter required to be changed. And the good thing as well... it only costs me BND45.
learning: I am gonna stick a sticker on fuel cap with "RON98/UNLEADED ONLY"Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 29, 2009

panaga highland games 5

more timber tossing by Mighty Menang member

Might Memang members

part of the show..harley's products

check out the quality.... endPosted by Picasa

panaga highland games 4

tug of war... Might Menang Ladies team... semi-final

pull! pulll! harder!

the british garrison against the holland

holland team do wear kilts!Posted by Picasa

panaga highland games 3

well... hard to find a match for this guy. Look how he trows the timber... peanuts!

selections of timber.. according to your level... staring from light to darn heavy

obviously, always bring spare cloths... you may get wet

hahaha! this is not wipeout or japanese sasukePosted by Picasa